We offer 20 years of experience in continuously developing innovative nucleic acid transfection solutions to support cutting-edge basic research and therapeutic strategies to modulate gene expression, indispensable for gene and cell therapy, immunotherapy and vaccination.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop cutting-edge delivery technologies to enable scientists to develop breakthrough nucleic acid-based therapies as treatment to improve Human health every step of the way from basic science to the clinic.

Our vision

We believe that nucleic acid delivery should be efficient, reliable and accessible, and not the limiting step in developing nucleic acid-based therapies to address unmet medical needs. Our goal is to continuously provide gold standard products in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.


Polyplus-transfection® SA is a biotechnology company that develops and sells innovative solutions for the delivery of nucleic acids in Gene and Cell therapy, biologics manufacturing and life science research. Located on the Science Park close to Strasbourg (France), Polyplus-transfection® is ISO 9001-certified since 2002 and supplies its proprietary range of reagents for in vitro and in vivo nucleic acid delivery for a wide range of applications, including gene expression, protein and virus production, genome editing, and RNA interference.

Polyplus-transfection® reagents are used in a growing number of nucleic acid-based clinical trials worldwide in gene and cell therapy, immunotherapy and vaccination.

Research & Development

Based on its core know-how in the field of nucleic acid delivery, Polyplus-transfection®’s R&D team is focused on the formulation of innovative transfection compounds designed to take advantage of the latest developments in the transfer of biomolecules. Polyplus-transfection® is a technology leader in chemically mediated transfection, for in vitro as well as for in vivo delivery.