Based on its core know-how in the field of nucleic acid engineering and delivery technology, our R&D teams are focused on developing innovative products for the upstream manufacturing of biologics for advanced medicinal therapy and for the development of nucleic acid-based therapeutics. Our R&D is optimizing key critical components of the manufacturing workflow (plasmids, media, transfection reagents) to increase viral vector titers and quality, and to develop critical materials (plasmids, lipids, polymers) and nanoparticle solutions for novel non-viral RNA/DNA therapeutics.

Our R&D Chemistry Team

Innovates based on the fundamental principles of supramolecular chemistry to develop the most suitable molecule to help our customers overcome current delivery limitations. Our philosophy is to provide innovative solutions to answer the next challenge in nucleic acid. From in vivo-jetPEI® (2001) to LipidBrick® (2023), Polyplus launched more than 20 different reagents, both polymer- or lipid-based for various in vitro and in vivo nucleic acid delivery applications, from large-scale viral vector manufacturing to protein manufacturing.

Our R&D Bioproduction Team

Leverages its combined expertise in transfection, recombinant virus production, and process development to develop innovative solutions for gene therapy manufacturing. By closely collaborating with other R&D teams at Polyplus, the R&D Bioproduction team develops cutting-edge and high performing transfection reagents that address the technical challenges faced by our customers.

Our R&D Life Sciences Team

Dedicated to the screening of innovative molecules (polymer- or lipid-based reagents) for the transfection of cell lines and primary cells with different types of nucleic acids. In collaboration with other R&D teams at Polyplus, the R&D Life Science team develops products used for non-viral in vitro and in vivo nucleic acid delivery and for the transfection or the transduction of immune cells.

Our R&D Genetic Engineering Team

Dedicated to developing new plasmids with novel functionalities (e.g. synthetic promoters, new regulatory sequence) and to improve plasmid scaffolds that are to be proposed to our community of users through our online Web platform. This is achieved in close partnership with the other R&D teams of Polyplus, to create new standard vectors with refined or new functionalities that will improve bioprocesses’ yield and quality. Such plasmid products are then made available at different manufacturing scale and quality grade up to GMP.

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Cell & Gene Therapy

Success of Gene and Cell Therapies is dependent on efficient production of viral vectors that require optimized transfection reagents and viral vector engineering

RNA/DNA Therapeutics

RNA/DNA in vivo delivery is the most powerful alternative to viral vectors for nucleic acid-based therapies. They offer substantial advantages in terms of reliability,safety and costs for nucleic-acid based therapies

Protein Production

Broad range of solutions is needed for manufacturing of functional  proteins or antibodies at the desired scale in bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell expression systems

Life Sciences

Optimised plasmid engineering and specific transfection reagents are key to enable protein expression in a wide range of adherent and suspension mammalian cell types