Lentiviral vectors are the carrier of choice for allogenic or autologous cell therapies (such as CAR T) because of its capacity to permanently integrate viral genome into host cell DNA To produce those vectors, cell therapy producers generally use a transient transfection system that is scaled up during process development phases FectoVIR ® LV is the next generation of transfection reagent, free of animal component, designed to improve LV productivity in HEK 293 cell systems FectoVIR ® LV is made for large scale manufacturing with reduced complexation volume and increased complex stability On top of the performance in titers and the scalability, FectoVIR ® LV is also compatible with standard expression booster such as sodium butyrate These key benefits make FectoVIR ® LV transfection reagent a perfect match for lentiviral vector manufacturing.

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