Your Finnish distributor Biotop Oy has been working with Polyplus-transfection® since 2002. Founded in 1991, Biotop Oy is a leading Finnish life science provider offering a broad portfolio of innovative research reagents. This is including the wide field of molecular biology as well as cell biology.

Your distributor is able to supply you all across Finland including major cities such as Helsinki, Turku, Oulu and Kouvola. Biotop Oy is working closely with Finnish researchers such as suggests their slogan “We take it personally”. Your satisfaction is at the center of our concerns since more than 24 years.

Polyplus-transfection® and Biotop Oy work, with synergy, to help you in your research. Our both services, Biotop Oy sales service and Polyplus-transfection® technical support, is supporting your needs, from logistic point of view including but not limited to information about the delivery of your products and price quotation up to fine tuning protocols and designing or troubleshooting your experiments.

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