In this webinar we will share with the audience VIVEbiotech´s approach for developing lentiviral vectors from very early stages to GMP, considering highly relevant aspects such as scalability, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness. Different manufacturing steps such as transient transfection using the PEIpro® reagent from Polyplus-transfection will be described.

Attendees will grow their understanding of :

  • LVV production requirements for scalability, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness from early stages through to GMP.
  • How an optimized production process can be adapted to several intermediate scales, streamlining various developmental phases.
  • How to integrally manage LVV quality throughout the duration of the development project.
  • Quality being a key feature of suitability for the final product, we will also overview concepts of quality control and quality assurance.

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Webinar published on Bioinsights website and made in partnership with VIVEbiotech.

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