Guide for DNA Transfection in iCELLis® 500 and iCELLis 500+ Bioreactors for Large Scale Gene Therapy Vector Manufacturing

In this guide, Pall Biotech and Polyplus‐transfection scientists have teamed up to present clear guidelines to help with the set‐up of large‐scale DNA transfection in the iCELLis 500 and 500+ bioreactors with the transfection reagent, PEIpro®. The iCELLis 500 and 500+ bioreactor range, with different scale, offers a powerful flexible platform for bioproduction, allowing optimal mammalian cell growth in a compact fixed‐bed as well as viral vector production. PEIpro® is a well characterized transfection reagent and fully qualified linear PEI, selected for its high transfection efficacy, and is widely used for DNA transfection into mammalian cells in biomanufacturing, perfectly suited for use in the iCELLis bioreactor.

Discover our PEIpro® product range used and recommended by Pall:

  • Best-in-class PEI-based transfection reagent for viral vector production
  • Seamless transition from process development up to clinical trials and commercialization Highest virus yields in producer cell lines (HEK-293 and derivatives, VERO, others)
  • Customized regulatory support to meet compliance requirements
  • Chemically defined and animal derived component free

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